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  • Organization audit of the Company's departments, as well as the investment committee of the Company;
  • Performing audits. Drafting of the Annual audit plan;
  • Preparation of reports for the management body, the executive body of the Company and conclusions based on the results of audits, which contain conclusions about existing deficiencies and recommendations for improving the Company's operations;
  • Control over the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Company's departments and bodies on the results of inspections of units that ensure a reduction in the level of identified risks;
  • Documenting the decision-making on the acceptability of the identified risks to the Company;
  • Definition of the risk area in the Company's operations, which must be subjected to internal and external audits;
  • Evaluation of the Company's internal control procedures to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the financial information provided to the Company's management and external users;
  • Other functions provided for by internal documents of the Company.
  • Kazakhstan regulating the activities of the Broker and the Management Company.

Required skills/experience

  • Higher economic, legal, mathematical or technical education;
  • Work experience in the field of providing or regulating financial services for at least 1 year (experience in an investment / brokerage company is preferable);
  • Certificate or other document certifying the passage of specialized courses on internal audit or risk management system;
  • Knowledge of IFRS in the formation of the Financial Reporting Package, namely the statement of financial position, the profit and loss statement, the company's cash flow statement, etc .;
  • Knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating the activities of the Broker and the Management Company.
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