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Rating Advisory Services (RAS)

It’s essential to obtain a credit rating by the Globally Accredited International Rating agencies in case you assign for your company at least two tasks out of seven mentioned below:

7 main tasks which require International Rating:

  • Expansion into international debt capital markets;
  • Qualitative and quantitative widening of investor base ;
  • Coupon rate reduction for future placements and lengthening of borrowing terms;
  • Increasing liquidity of bonds on the secondary market;
  • Credit history described in terms understandable to the investment community;
  • Compliance with the requirements of tenders
  • Reputational improvement in investment and banking community

As a rule all investors entrust to three leading international rating agencies:




We will help you not only to select appropriate international rating agency which is right for your aims but also to establish attractive investment positioning (case story) within our framework of services ( IR) which you will be using in future global operations, particularly for foreign investment placements.
We will do it as smartly as no one else. This is what distinguishes us from the vast majority of companies that provide similar services.


Our tools include, but are not limited to, the following:

We make professional and correct emphasis when positioning companies
We assist in building a constructive dialogue with the company's credit rating agency
We prepare top-quality rating presentations
And we carry out activities in accordance with the standards of the chosen rating agency.


Key advantages for you:

  • Our preliminary valuation of rating level will allow you to choose a cost-effective credit rating agencies, which have a methodology that enables to evaluate your company more favorably;
  • As a consequence, we foster to obtain the highest possible rating 
Having an international rating means having loyalty!


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