Private investors

The securities market was and will remain an attractive opportunity for investment. For example, in the USA the amount of household investment in securities is much higher than the volume of deposits in commercial banks.

However, for self- guided work in the securities market at your own risk will be required a specific knowledge, as well as considerable time and experience.

In view of this the Tsesna Capital’s team offers trusted asset management service. For private investors this is an opportunity of efficient allocation of available funds without the need of regular monitoring the value of the securities and analyzing the market. As a result, you receive a yield significantly higher than the yield on bank deposits.

5 reasons for Investments with Tsesna Capital


 Individual work and flexibility

Financial expert will offer one of the existing trusted asset management strategies or develop a personal strategy where you request will be taken into account. You will need to define your investment objectives, investment horizon and personal risk profile.


Ample liquidity provision

An opportunity to add or withdraw funds without losing accrued income.



At any time you can get complete information and regular reports on the steps of the manager and respective yield of the chosen strategy.


Investments in currency

Access to the market of currency debt instruments, including eurobonds. An opportunity to choose the investment currency.


Motivation of managers

Success fees of Tsesna Capital will be subject to positive financial results.

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