Comment by D.A. Lukpanov for Tenge is heading for strengthening. For how long will dollar cede ground?

monday 2017-02-20 15:19

Darkhan Lukpanov, Tsesna Capital analyst indicated the dollar exchange rate that will probably stop tenge strengthening.
— The exchange rate of tenge is strengthening and then it will start to stabilize, Darkhan Lukpanov is sure.
— What is the cause of the current tenge strengthening, since oil is relatively stable?
— We do see a significant strengthening of the tenge without significant changes in oil prices. In our opinion, this move is connected
with the attractiveness of the so-called carry trade, that is, when the yield of ruble and tenge instruments attracts foreign investors. First only the ruble was strengthening, and now this process began to spread on tenge as well.



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