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IPO (Initial Public Offering) – the first sale of a company's shares to the public .

If you want to attract long-term capital for which it is not necessary to pay interest and which not to be returned and at the same time, you do not like the option of attracting a strategic partner, you may consider the initial public offering (IPO).

Company’s decision to initiate IPO aids to attract capital in the company and provides the opportunity to place the company's shares among the possible widest range of investors.

IPO advantages:

  • Attracting long-term capital, which not to be returned and to pay interest on;
  • Receiving the highest market valuation of the company;
  • Marketing effect (reputational improvement, recognition, brand awareness);
  • Opportunities for a cheaper borrowing in the capital markets in the future;
  • Possibility to exit from the company by selling shares on the secondary market

"Tsesna Capital" JSC is the one of the leading underwriters of transactions with equity capital in Kazakhstan. We have unique expertise in the organization of the market equity offering, as well as a broad base of potential investors .

Our integrated approach to IPO includes:

Preparing company to the offering Investor Relations (IR) Definition of valuation and structure Marketing and offering Secondary market Corporate and legal support of the issuer after offering

Financial and legal due diligence

Corporate governance system preparation

Company positioning and investment history development

Non-deal road show

Definition of shareholder’s position regarding share price

Analyst report preparing

Contacts with investors and market monitoring


Drawing up bookbuilding for shares

Liquidity support of shares after offering

Analytical support


Assistance in holding corporate events

Assistance in IR service management


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