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Investor relations (IR)

If you already have international borrowing have you ever thought of making them cheaper? Or, via your international contacts to attract such investors who would bring their technical competence to you? Perhaps, you may already be considering of selling part of your business through an IPO on the international equity capital markets?

If answer is yes at least to one of these questions – as a result of joint collaboration with us you will not only build an efficient communication system which will help you to solve the above mentioned tasks. Consequently, you will be able to raise your company’s value!

The role of IR (Investor Relations) consists of not merely building necessary and pro-active communication but also in building initial strategic communication that will highlight and justify your company’s commitment to comply with its own general strategy.

We are like no other ready to offer our services in building such strategic communication which eventually will help you to:

  1. Decrease your international borrowing costs, for example within the framework of debt IR which is unique to our market and hasn’t been offered before in Kazakhstan.
  2. Attract particular investors who will help you in certain means( within Investor targeting work). Current service is innovative and new for Kazakhstan, however much in demand among leading international companies and increasingly popular among leading Russian companies and banks
  3. Proactively build strategic communication with the long-run objective of raising the value of your company in case of its full or partial sale!


Informing market 

Clarifying information

Modeling external communication

Participating in establishment of a strategic value

By contributing a transparency and openness and you will tomorrow receive loyalty and full financing


Advantages for your Company

  • You will receive a fresh, objective overview of all information about the company, which will allow you to identify the generated effect , evaluate the consistency and clarity of the company's statements.
  • The recognition of you company will increase.
  • The IR materials developed by out company will provide an opportunity for analysts and investors in better understanding of the company's management strategy and to demonstrate key assets.
  • Professional IR from Tsesna Capital creates favorable conditions for the issuer to enter international debt markets in the future.
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