Institutional investors

We believe that when you choose the trust management company it is important to evaluate 3 criteria:

  • Successful track record confirmed by respected revenues over the past year.
  • Investment products that meet your needs, when you choose where to invest, and you know what to expect from it.
  • Reliability: reputation confirmed by long history of providing financial services.

Tsesna Capital entirely satisfies these requirements

Our company offers a wide range of financial solutions for the allocation of available funds to the institutional investors, both at the local and international financial markets.
The team of portfolio managers are ready to develop customized financial solutions based on individual client needs, such as yield expectations, perception of risk, investment horizon and liquidity requirements.

Especially for you we will determine: restrictions on the type and structure of assets, types of reports, commission of the management company.

5 advantages of investing with Tsesna Capital



Asset management is carried out by a professional team of portfolio managers. Our competitive advantage is a professional strategies like for own precious self.


Strategies for any risk profile + transparency

For more effective management of assets portfolio manager depending on the client’s preferences for risk and required yield will develop customized investment strategy and coordinate with you reporting format.


Successful business track record

With legal entities, insurance companies, mutual funds, organizations with state participation.


Efficient risk management

Modern and efficient risk management system used in the company will allow to achieve an optimal risk-return ratio.



Availability of the success fee will ensure maximum interest of the management company in a constant revenue growth of assets under management.


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