Tsesna Capital in the corporate publication of the «Serebryanaya Nit».

friday 2017-07-14 09:00

The editor-in-chief, Karashash Dzhuzeeva, adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of Tsesnabank, said: "Crossing this year's 25-year anniversary, Tsesnabank can feel good about worthy victories and events. Big or small - they are all important to the Bank. One of such events was the grand opening in Almaty on the territory of VILLA Boutiques & Restaurants of the largest in Kazakhstan VIP center with an automated 24-hour depository. And then 2017th year, it just so happens, marked by several grandiose for the country events.
The main among them, of course, was the international exhibition EXPO-2017 with a global theme of the future and its energy, which we could not help but remember in this issue. "

On pages 34 and 35 under "Subsidiaries" column, go on reading about Tsesna Capital’s 12-year history of achievements and ambitions, approaches to customer service and development plans on the Kazakhstan securities market

Serebryanaya Nit, №2/2017

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