Stock Market Simulator presented to students of the Eurasia National University

thursday 2017-03-16 18:00

Your prosperity depends on your decisions.

John Davidson Rockefeller, American entrepreneur, philanthropist, first dollar billionaire in the history of mankind.

On the eve of the Stock Market Simulator launch, the project was presented to students of the Eurasia National University in Astana. Meeting with the students of economic and financial disciplines was held with great interest and active discussion.


Kairat Turmagambetov, Member of the Board, Managing Director for Development of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC told the students about the domestic securities market, history of its development, financial instruments, objectives of KASE and implemented cases. The accent of the presentation was on the Stock Market Simulator and its scale.

- If you participate in the Simulator, besides the monetary awards, you will enhance financial awareness, master stock exchange market instruments, acquire real -life experience for investment decisions. Each instrument reflects a real-life situation at the securities market, therefore you may apply your analytical and strategic skills to achieve maximal result, Kairat Turmagambetov noted.

Tsesna Capital became the partner of the Stock Market Simulator for the first time and presented a special contest in the social networks. Express creative ideas and get an opportunity to win monetary prizes by passing two stages of the contest:

  • Quest on the Tsesna Capital site.
  • Shoot and post in Facebook or Instagram a video titled Our Best Investment Club. By the results of the voting in the Facebook, Tsesna Capital will award the best video and KZT 10,000 to each member of the investment club. The participants who win the 2nd and 3rd place will get KZT 5,000 each.



Samat Balkenov, Chairman of the Board, Tsesna Capital JSC "Now the time is on your side, dear students You have all the instruments in your hands to manifest yourself, to build the basis for further employment in the leading financial companies of the country. We see a great potential in you and, consequently support the Stock Market Simulator held by KASE. "

The Stock Market Simulator will be held from March 29 to April 26 , 2017 and is expected to cover over 3,000 students of the leading Kazakhstani universities.

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