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Capital stock raising

Is equity required for further development of your company? However you do not want to lose strategic control over your company? Perhaps, you require a strategic business partner for development of your business in the future?

Your partnership attitude and value of your business is determined by the market share for strategic sale depending on your goals on further business development. By selling shares, you will attract equity to your business.

Sales of a share holding (equity raising): Structure (just a few points to consider):

Structure Full Majority 50/50 Minority
Advantages Full exit with no downside risk/exposure to buyer Partial exit with limited downside risk to buyer Ability to extract higher valuation on the sale of the residual shareholding Majority position maintained
Ability to obtain a “control premium” on the sale Ability to obtain full “control premium” Benefit from a strategic partner (expertise, experience, development and etc.) Benefit from a strategic partner (expertise, experience, development and etc.)
  Could profit from upside in the bank’s Possibility to maintain partial control Ability to extract higher valuation at sale of the rest of the shareholding

Sales of a share holding may potentially be carried out by several ways.
At Tsesna Capital we provide all ways of equity raising

Equity raising ways:

Private equity offering of the companies to a limited number of portfolio investors

Initial Public offering (IPO) to a wide range of institutional and private investors with a listing on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), or on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM, London)

Secondary issue of shares for public companies.

Attracting direct investment in companies' capital

Sales of shares to strategic investors;

The solutions that we offer are based on the individual analysis of your business model, its general strategy, the current structure of the capital and the situation on world financial markets.

Our goal is to develop successful and efficient solutions for our clients within the current legislative environment and ensuring performance of those decisions in the changing market conditions.

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