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Aya Aldabergenova
Research analyst «Tsesna Capital» JSC
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Bonds in tenge

Too high interest rates on bank loans? The Bank conservatively estimates the value of your pledge, so you get less money than you had previously planned? Borrow in the stock market with our help!

Tsesna Capital provides financial advisory and underwriter services for issuing bonds on the Kazakhstan stock market.

Requirements to company-issuers:


  • positive leverage with the value not higher than seven.

The professionalism of our team, established track record in registration, issue and placement of corporate bonds allow us to act as the successful arranger, financial consultant, underwriter and market maker of bond issues.

We will provide a full range of services for your business: from discussion of the conditions under which you want to borrow money to seeking interested investors and issuing bonds.

Bond issues – borrow more and for a longer time!

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