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Aya Aldabergenova
Research analyst «Tsesna Capital» JSC
+7 (7172) 472-552
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Bond holders’ representative

Tsesna Capital is the only brokerage and investment company with a head office in Astana. It determines our efficiency in dealing with public and quasi-public companies - the main issuers on the market.

As a bondholders’ representative we provide full and timely information to bondholders:

  • on the fulfilling of the Issuer's liabilities set by issue prospectus to bondholders
  • on the targeted use of funds by the Issuer received from the bonds allocation
  • on timely payment of interest on bonds
  • on the Issuer's financial condition and analysis of corporate events
Tsesna Capital – responsibility in every action!



Reports of the representative of the bondholder

АО «НК «Қазақстан Темір Жолы»
АО «НК «Қазақстан Темір Жолы»
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